2013 Annual Report

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2013 Annual Report – A Year of Great Opportunity

A Message from the Council Key 4

Throughout this year, the BSA and Orange County Council, in particular, has shown itself to be a great organization with leaders and staff who live and honor the Scout Oath and Law and dedicate themselves to the very best interest of today’s youth.

Scouting teaches leadership at a young age and instills character-building values. These are the values that built our country, its participative government and a great legacy of charitable giving and service to the less fortunate. More than ever, these values are needed to positively shape a bright future for our youth.

Orange County’s youth learn Scouting’s value through participating in outdoor adventures, conducting service projects that benefit their neighbors, exploring hobbies and potential vocational interests and learning how to be great leaders in their homes, schools and communities. At the same time, they have a terrific time forming friendships and building those lifelong Scouting memories.

Without our Scouting volunteers, thousands of young people would miss out on the opportunities that only Scouting can provide. When individuals that care about children become mentors in the Scouting program – and teach kids the values of the Scout Oath and Law – they make a difference in the life of each individual child. These children will go on to create virtuous circles as each one grows into adulthood and conducts his/her life by making decisions based on the values learned in Scouting.

As we look to a new year of Scouting achievements and character development, our nation, in turn, will look to the youth involved in Scouting to lead us forward into a bright future. The Orange County Council will continue to ready those youth to become leaders of strength and integrity – leaders who are Prepared. For Life.

Rob Neal, Chairman of the Board

John Hovanesian M.D., Council Commissioner

Bob Thiergartner, Executive Vice President

Jeffrie Herrmann, Scout Executive/President