Staff Directory

Our Council staff can be reached by calling the operator at (714) 546-4990 or calling direct at (714) 546-8558 and entering his/her extension.


Jeff Herrmann Scout Executive/President Ext. 111
Kim Moss Scout Executive Assistant Ext. 113
Danny Tucker Deputy Scout Executive Ext. 120
John Miller Director, High School Programs/Exploring Ext. 181
Holly Krumsick District Executive – Venturing Ext. 149
Julie Anderson Director of Activities Ext. 105
Carolyn Zullo Marketing Director Ext. 108
Melissa Dundovich Marketing Specialist Ext. 152
Elena Garcia Exec. Admin Assistant/
Office Manager
Ext. 150
Roslyn Ortiz Field Administrative Assistant Ext. 133
Marty Cutrone Director of Strategic Alliances Ext. 143
Andre Fahie District Executive – North County Ext. 101
Anthony Geukens District Executive – South County Ext. 104
Todd Lassig District Executive – South County Ext. 125
Isidro Cruz | Hablamos Español District Executive – West County Ext. 183
Jorge Ruiz de Somocurcio  | Hablamos Español District Executive – West County Ext. 114
Jeff Duer Field Director Ext. 153
Will Abbott Finance Director – North County Ext. 110
Brian Morrissey Sr. District Executive – West County Ext. 112
Casey O’Hara District Executive – South County Ext. 107
Dinh Thai Field Director Ext. 182
Vacant District Executive – North County Ext.
Chase Otter District Executive – South County Ext. 127
Alex Fritz District Executive – West County Ext. 102
Rachel Cueva | Hablamos Español  Outreach Director Ext. 132
Evelyn Ayala | Hablamos Español  Program Aide Ext. 121
Vanessa Flores | Hablamos Español  Program Aide Ext. 106
Lewis Navarro | Hablamos Español  Program Aide  Ext. 115
Devon Dougherty Director of Development Ext. 145
Dave Jarvis Development Director Ext. 142
Sally Lawrence Development Director Ext. 141
Tanya Vu Development CRM Ext. 147
Kathy Nguyen Development Assistant Ext. 148
Andrea Watson Director of Outdoor Adventures Ext. 134
Tony Antonini Camping Director Ext. 131
Kathy Liedahl Camping/Events Data Manager Ext. 167
Harold Kenney Lost Valley Ranger 714-425-5993
Vacant Oso Lake Scout Camp Ranger 714-333-5643
Bill Beaumont  Executive Director Ext. 106
Vacant Operations Director Ext. 102
Sarah Burgess Leadership & Youth
Development Director
Ext. 108
Olenka Langen Academic Director Ext. 110
Mary Carr Events Coordinator Ext. 107
Angie Sauceda Food Service Director
Vacant Site Manager
NEWPORT SEA BASE 949-642-5031
Tom Hartmann Director Ext. 333
Diana Knapstein | Hablamos Español Office Manager Ext. 305
Jack Nguyen Program Director Ext. 309
Keagan Heagerty Facility Maintenance Ext. 303
Dianna Zullo Controller Ext. 160
Tracy Au Bookkeeper Ext. 163
Jessica Lai Accounting Assistant Ext. 161
Kim Whitaker Data Processing Manager/Registrar Ext. 158
Marian Wilder Volunteer Service Representative Ext. 151
Dolores Moreno  | Hablamos Español Volunteer Service Representative Ext. 128
Fran Bracey  Registration Clerk Ext. 117
Tyson Stonehocker | 801-319-8986 National Scout Shop Territory Mgr.
Karl Rusmisel National Scout Shop Store Manager Ext. 174
Vacant National Scout Shop Store Manager Ext. 293
Anaheim Scout Shop | 714-774-3270 Christina Leiva | Store Manager
Laguna Hills Scout Shop | 949-639-0320 Kalen Matson | Store Manager


Updated as of 11.1.2017