Adventure Card Sale

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What is a Adventure Card?
Adventure Cards are discount cards that Scouts sell to raise money for their summer adventures! Units sign up, get their cards, and start selling. We’ve put together a card with incredible savings for some of the top restaurants, shops, and services that is sure to make sales a cinch. While the Adventure Card discounts are a great plus, what you’re really selling is character and a better community.

Here’s how you can get involved:
Participate with your unit in the Adventure Card fundraiser
– Adventure Cards sell for $10 each and include a family pass to the Scout-O-Rama family event
– Base commission for all units is $3.00 per Camp Card sold
– Pick one location for the Adventure Card Training and kick-off:
o Tuesday, March 14th 6pm-8pm at the Council Service Center
o Saturday, March 18th 8am-10am at the Council Service Center

Participate with your unit in the Adventure Card fundraiser with NO Prizes
– Units that opt-out of prizes will receive an additional $.25 per Camp Card sold

Prizes are optional with the Adventure Card program

– Prizes will be ordered online at

-Opt-out of prizes and earn an extra $.25 per card

Participate with a Booth at Scout-O-Rama
– Units providing a booth will receive an additional $.50 per Camp Card sold
– Booths should include games, demonstrations, cooking activities with samples, adventures (monkey bridges & climbing walls), etc.
– There are limited spots available, so if you have a preference sign up now
– The best booths will be presented with a ribbon

Units completing the following will receive an additional $.50 per Adventure Card sold
– Attend Camp Card training on either March 14th or March 18th
– Provide your Camp Card Plan to by March 5th
– Turn in all money and all remaining Camp Cards by May 11, 2017

Units are eligible to earn an extra $.75 Commission on sale amounts over the 2016 total amount sold. How does this work? If a unit sold 100 Cards last year and 150 Cards this year, 100 cards will be at regular commission based on plan and 50 Cards will be at $.75 commission. For units that didn’t sell Camp Cards last year, you can still earn $.75 commission on any amount over 100 Cards.

Units can earn a base commission up to $4.25 per Adventure Card sold plus great prizes!

ALL Registration will be done online this year at Please select the registration option from the drop-down menu that best describes your Unit’s participation and complete the registration form. The three registration options are:

A. Adventure Card Sales & Booth at Scout-O-Rama
B. Adventure Card Sales Only
C. Booth Only at Scout-O-Rama
Units with Booth Exhibits must complete and return the form no later than April 24, 2017. You may submit the Booth Safety Application Form (available below) at the time of registration or you may print the form and either email, mail or fax it to us.

If you have any questions regarding Adventure Card Sales or Scout-O-Rama, please contact Julie Anderson at (714) 546-8558 x. 105 or or Roslyn Ortiz at x.133 or


2017 Leader Guide

2017 Camp Card Action Plan