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You are not alone.

Being a volunteer leader is fun, challenging, and rewarding. But you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Your Pack, District, and Council have many people and resources to give your son the best possible Scouting experience.

• Round Table is a monthly leaders’ meeting for all adult volunteers in your district. You can get help with activities, places to go, games, skits, and songs for use at Den and Pack meetings. It’s a great place to ask questions and share ideas. Click here to find your District Round Table information.

• Your district has a team of volunteers called the District Committee which develops quality district-wide programs in which boys can participate. Visit your District webpage or talk to your unit leader for information about your District Committee.

• Your district has another volunteer team called the Commissioner staff. They are our “service team.” They check on the health of your Pack and are a communications link between your Pack and the Scouting organization. A Unit Commissioner is assigned to assist your unit.

• We have award-winning videos for teaching Scouts and adults about child abuse protection and avoiding potentially dangerous situations.