Photography and Video

An image of Scouts having fun is a powerful tool to grab attention. Use these guidelines when picking the perfect subject for your project.

Subject: The subjects, or Scouts and Scouting leaders, should represent the best of our community.

Appropriate: Scouts in action having fun, images of Scouts in their uniforms looking sharp. In general, choose those moments you never want to forget.

Diversity: Scouting welcomes all sizes, ethnicities, and faiths. Any photography or video should reflect that.

Natural Setting: Scouts are most at home when they’re outdoors. Show them experiencing all that nature has to offer.

Captured Moments vs. Contrived Poses: Scouts know a phony smile when they see it. Real moments evoke real emotions.

Specifications: Specifications can vary from project to project. Shoot images in the highest possible resolution. This is a good rule of thumb whether the asset is for print or digital use.

All photos and videos should have proper, signed releases. The official BSA Talent Release form is available for download from the Marketing Toolbox,

When capturing images at a crowded event, make it known that any and all attendees may be photographed or recorded and used in BSA promotions and publications. Honor the request of anyone who asks not to be photographed or recorded.