Time Tested and Proven*

“In all of this, it is the spirit that matters.
Our Scout Law and Promise, when we really put them into practice,
take away all occasion for wars and strife among nations.”
Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell

He became Lord Baden-Powel when he was made 1st Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell.


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Why Training is so Important: Click here for a quick review of the reasoning behind adult/leader training, continuing and expanding your Scout education and the mission of Orange County Boy Scout council to provide very young man and women a program of excellence.

Below is the main directory of topics all adult leaders, parents and future Scouters should be familiar with. For the experienced Scouters we have included new resources and videos. Take time to visit us often and see “What’s New” each month.


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Council Training Committee
Adult Training Programs
Adult Training Awards  –  On-Line Training
Portfolio of Documents for Leaders Parents
Bullying Guide
Guide to Safe Scouting 2011
High Adventure Training
Climbing Instructor Flyer 
Climbing Instructor Registration  Wicon

Parents of Scouts
Scouting Barriers to Abuse
The Pack Committee
Training Course Codes
Venture Crew Orientation Training
Sea Scouts
What makes a Trained leader?
Wood Badge
Youth Protection Information FAQ’s