Helping Scouting continue to grow for the future—“On Your Watch”

We as parents, volunteers, Eagles and alums of Scouting have a truly special opportunity  and solemn obligation to ensure Scouting’s success for future generations. Just as today’s Scouts recite “On my honor, I will do my best…”  we too must do our best “On Our Watch” to make sure that Scouting is funded now and for the future. We need to “pay it forward by giving back” to this program that has done so much for us, our children, families and country.

Since long time traditional sources of funding for Scouting such as United Way, corporations and foundations are no long available to meet the needs and sustain the program, each family needs to do its best to contribute to cover the cost of program support above and beyond the national registration fee and any unit dues. The $300 it costs each year to support a Scout with such necessities as camps, training, professional and service center support, accident and liability insurance can be paid through Friends of Scouting, Popcorn and Adventure Cards programs.

As the fall begins, please make sure you have done your best to support your Scouts through FOS and Popcorn. If you have been particularly blessed this year, please consider supporting two or more Scouts since some may have difficulty paying their portion.

To help future generations of Scouts, please consider becoming a James E. West Fellow where 100% of the gift goes to build the endowment to help with camperships, facilities and outreach programs. Further, please include the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America in your will or trust as a designated beneficiary.

Only through your giving decisions today, On Your Watch,  can we make sure Scouting will be there to serve future generations of Scouts so that they can enjoy the transformational benefits of the program you have received.

Thanks for helping to make our world a better place—“One Scout at a Time!”

For further information on ways to give through wills, trusts, property or appreciated stock, please contact Devon Dougherty at 714-546-8558 x 145 or