Seventy 8th Graders Attend Leadership Camp at IROEC


The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center (IROEC) hosted a five-day leadership camp. The 8th grade class from Sacred Heart in Palm Desert attended the camp from 18th until the 22nd of September. Over ten different teambuilding initiative programs took place throughout the five days, from a personality test to a breakout box, similar to an escape room.

Having to complete a learning project while at camp, students participated in various challenges, each of which earned them pieces toward their project completion. For example, students will built wooden boxes and filled them with goods to be donated for children’s wellness within the community. Their service project will benefit the Child Guidance Center Inc. in Orange County, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering children and their parents to achieve their potential as loving, responsible families.

The students also had the opportunity to complete a business proposal workshop. Thinking critically, they contemplated multiple solutions to a challenge that exists in their school, such as helping advance anti-bullying, building peer mentorship, or completing a project that benefits their school community. These projects were presented to the group and hopefully be implemented into their school.

This five-day leadership camp not only benefited the class, but the school as a whole. Being the highest-grade level at the school, the influence they provide to younger grades is enormous. After attending this camp, they are ready to implement a positive change for their younger peers and organize social activities for their school year, such as fundraisers and peer activity groups. The seventy students will shine as model leaders for those younger.

For information on how your school can benefit from a leadership camp, visit: IROEC