What Can You Do as a Parent or Leader to Prevent Bullying?

With new kids joining Units this time of year, Scouts can have a difficult time with bullying. Bullying is defined as a conscious, willing, deliberate and repeated hostile activity marked by an imbalance of power, intent to harm, and/or threat of aggression. When bullying goes from bad to worse, it may lead to a feeling of terror on the part of the person bullied.

What can you do as a parent or leader?

Standing up to peers is a hard thing to do for people of all ages. But you can make it easier for kids by giving them the confidence and the support they need to do so. Here are some ways parents can help children develop these traits:

  • Teach children to be assertive. Emphasize peaceful ways to solve problems and encourage kids to stand up for themselves verbally, not violently.
  • Show kids safe ways to help others. Make it clear that you expect kids to take action if they see someone being hurt, or if they are hurt themselves.
  • Get to know their friends. Encourage your children to invite their friends to your home or accompany you on family outings.
  • Keep an open communication with your kids, when it comes to social media. Make sure they are behaving properly, as well as making sure they aren’t a victim of cyber-bullying.

Being able to recognize, respond and report is a simple message to remember for the personal awareness of our youth members. Youth Protection Training is mandatory for all adult leaders before the time of registration as of September 1st, 2017. If you are involved in your Unit, but not a leader, YPT is still available to you. The BSA strongly encourages adults to receive training.

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