Rock Brienza Has Mentored More Than 30 Scouts

Since becoming an Eagle Scout in 1960 at the age of 14, Rock Brienza has always had a passion for Scouting. After becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster for various Units over his lifetime, Rock has finally found his home with Troop 1475 in Orange. Previously being his grandsons Troop, Rock has continued to maintain his position even after his son left.

Mentoring over 30 Eagles over the past few decades, Rock is a big supporter of the program. He enjoys watching and teaching the boys the most. He states, “It’s interesting to see the kids come in at 11 years old and they are a little squirmy and by the end of the year they are settled down. And once they are 18 they are ready for adulthood.”

None of this would be possible without Rock’s dedication and passion to Scouting. Mentoring about four to five Eagle Scouts a year for the last five years, Rock seems to truly enjoy and understand his role in leadership. With decades of being involved in Scouting comes many fantastic Scout stories, even teaching a future Navy Seal how to swim!

One memorable story Rock shared was how last year during camp, the Troop wanted to build a boat, but they were all unsure of the best boat builder, Noah. Rock sat down and read them the bible passage of how Noah built the biggest boat to help save all the animals. The Scouts then went on to build the best boat and ended up winning first place in the camp competition! Ever since that night, the Scouts began requesting to hear more bible stories. Recently, one Eagle Scout read the passage about Gideon during his Court of Honor, showing just how influential these stories are for the Scouts.

Being a role model and even a father figure for some, Rock has a positive and encouraging relationship with each Scout he leads. Rock still gets together with some Scouts after they have moved on from the Troop. He sees firsthand the positive changes that occur with Scouts and how it has influences their lives. He makes sure his Scouts stay on track and become role models younger Scouts can look up to.

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