Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn Fundraiser

Help your Unit build a strong annual program with Popcorn!

There is NO upfront cost to your Unit to participate, Scouts can earn their own way and you can choose the prize program or cash bonus commission and this year there will be no limit on returns. The popcorn sale also benefits the council as a whole by helping us provide youth with a quality program!


 NEW FOR 2015!!

50% Commission – Units are eligible to earn 50% Commission on sale amounts over the 2014 total amount sold. How does this work? If a unit sold $5000 last year and $6000 this year, $5000 will be at regular commission based on plan and $1000 will be at 50% commission. For units that didn’t sell Popcorn last year, you can still earn 50% commission on any amount over $3500.

Popcorn Pantry – During the Popcorn Sale you may encounter a need for more product or extra product that hasn’t sold as quickly as you thought. Help out your fellow Scouts and EXCHANGE! Click here to find out how to use the Popcorn Pantry. Click here to download the Popcorn Exchange Form (be sure everyone, including Council, gets a copy).

Ducks Essay Contest – And the WINNERS are….

Boy Scouts:
Charlie (Parent Dave Westall) – Troop 4, Orange Frontier
Michael (Parent Cynthia Gartland) – Troop 555, Pacifica
Andrew (Parent Chuck Dyer) – Troop 567, Pacifica
Kenny (Parent Alice Ishigame-Tao) – Troop 606, Rancho San Joaquin

Cub Scouts:
Rylan (Parent Tanya Raukko) – Pack 1238, Los Amigos
Lucas (Parent Tiffany Keene) – Pack 773, Tiburon
Jonathan (Parent Lisa Naulls) – Pack 773, Tiburon
Kainoa (Parent Melanie Andico) – Pack 653, Rancho San Joaquin

(Each winner’s parent was contacted by phone today.)





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Trail’s End Website (Online Sales)

Trail’s End Popcorn System (Popcorn Ordering System)