Sea Scouts

Sea Scouts

March 8, 2014
UPDATE: Newport Sea Base-based Sea Scout Ships take 1st place!

Sea scouts from Ships 90, 711, and 1767 combined members to compete in the 31st annual Long Beach Invitational Regatta.  This also marks the 13th time in 14 years that Ship 711 has taken 1st place.  SSS 936, Mariners, took 4th place.   Sea Scouts from Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and even Havasu City, AZ, participated in this one-day whimsical event.

The scouts competed in 14 skill-based competitions from knot tying, heaving line, rowing, navigating, signaling, charting and boat identification.  Typically, many of the events come with a twist, however.  Instead of tying knots with a typical 1/2″ diameter line, it might involve a 5″ hawser used with tug boats and tankers.  The canoe race might not feature paddles and members may have to face away from each other.  Close-order drill (marching) might see the crew blindfolded.  Also, the events are not announced until the day of the event, making sure units cannot prepare and simply show up for a fun-filled day, and enjoy some camaraderie with their fellow sea scouts.
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Sea Scout Program

Sea Scouts is a co-ed program for youth 14 to 20-years old, or 13-years old and have graduated from 8th grade. The program consists of leadership and character development set in a maritime environment. Each unit is called a ‘ship’ but may or may not, have a vessel.

Orange County is home to five Sea Scout ships, which are nationally and internationally acclaimed. In the past decade, local sea scouts have won four international sailing championships, two ships were honored as the top program in the nation, and three sea scouts were selected as the top youth-leader in the nation.

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ShipsSea Scout NCU
SSS 90, Renegades, Newport Beach, co-ed
SSS 711, Del Mar, Newport Beach,male only
SSS 936, Mariners, Dana Point, co-ed
SSS 1767, Triton, Newport Beach, co-ed
SSS 2020, Mission Viejo, male only


Local activities – include weekly meetings to learn skills, day sails, weekend cruises to Catalina, and fun-filled events at the Newport Sea Base or Dana Point Youth Maritime Center.





Regional activities –include competitions against other

Sea Scout Ships from around the state and nation in Long Beach, Ventura, and San Francisco. Safety-at-Sea events, which teach hands-on marine safety techniques, are at Coast Guard Stations in San Diego and San Francisco.


National activities – include Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership Training (SEAL), which is an intense week-long
training aboard a vessel.  Courses are conducted in New York, Chesapeake Bay,
Miami, and Newport Beach. Sea scouts generally attend a course that is outside
of their region. Other national opportunities include sailing aboard the US Coast
Guard Barque Eagle, a 295’ training vessel. Past opportunities include trips aboard a NOAA research vessel, a US Navy nuclear submarine, and a USN aircraft carrier.




International activities – include the William I. Koch International
Sea Scout Cup, which is biennial event hosted in the Unites
States. Participants include scouts from Australia, Brazil, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, and Trinidad and Tobago. Occasionally, groups will organize to attend events oversees, from the Centenary in England to a Jamboree in Finland to a high-adventure outing to New Zealand.


Awards and Ranks
Advancement and recognition is an important part of the
Sea Scout experience. These experiences help Sea Scouts to set
realistic goals to achieve rank, accomplish projects, and gain
knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Sea Scout Ranks:

For more information about Advancement and Recognition, click here.

Leaders – Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training and Venturing
Youth Protection Training are required. To obtain information
about upcoming SSALBT training, email
Supplemental training include Seabadge and Seabadge Underway.


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