Health & Safety Resources/Forms

Guide to Safe Scouting

Health & Safety Forms & Resources

Policy on Use of the Annual Health and Medical Record

All Scouting Events

Applies to ALL participants—in basic Scouting activities such as local tours and weekend camping trips less than 72 hours in duration.

Are You Going to Camp?

A pre-participation physical is needed:

  • For resident campers (summer or winter camps)
  • Events 72 hours or more

Are you Planning a High-Adventure Trip?

Florida Sea Base. All participants and staff.SCUBA participants ALSO need to download the PADI Medical Statement.

Northern Tier. Includes wilderness canoe treks, OKPIK winter adventures, and staff.

Philmont Scout Ranch. All camping participants and staff.

Philmont Training Center. Mountain trek, Trailblazers, Mustangs, NAYLE, NAYLE staff, PLC, and PLC staff.PTC conferences and all other family program groups can use the limited backcountry download.

Summit Bechtel Reserve. All participants and staff.

More Information, visit BSA National’s website>> click here.