Send a Kid to Camp: Campership Fund

Summary: Studies show that outdoor activities such as summer camp encourage youth to learn new skills, develop positive and healthy relationships with their peers, and allow them the opportunity to participate in group decision making activities. We want to send underserved and low-income youth in Orange County, California to camp so they can participate in hands-on interactive learning experiences by attending day camps and overnight residential camps.

 What is the issue? Many of today’s underserved youth spend most of their developmental years in urban or suburban areas and rarely have the opportunity to acquire an appreciation for nature. Many of the youth in underserved, vulnerable or low income backgrounds in Orange County seldom get opportunities to supplement their in-school learning with outdoor educational activities. We want to provide scholarship support to youth that otherwise would not be able to attend day or overnight residential camp experiences.

How will this solve this problem? The Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America provides day and overnight affordable programs year-round with activities that focus on leadership, education, service and adventure. These activities are located at four outdoor facilities: Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center (IROEC), Oso Lake, Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley (SSRLV) and Newport Sea Base (NSB) as well as day camp opportunities during the summer throughout Orange County.

Potential Long Term Impact: By focusing on underserved and low-income youth, we are assisting in eliminating barriers that would otherwise limit them from participating in youth development and group activities based in an outdoor setting. By providing these youth the opportunity to learn new skills and to participate in group decision making activities, they will develop positive and healthy relationships.

Campership Fund Request$25 supports a youth to attend weekend camp and participate in activities at Oso Lake!$50 supports a youth with special needs to attend a half day field trip to the IROEC and participate in zip lining and team building activities!$150 helps send a youth, ages 7-10, to day camp at various sites in Orange County for a week-long fun experience!$175 supports a youth to attend beginner’s sailing courses at Newport Sea Base!

$195 helps send a youth to a 2 night / 3 day science camp at the IROEC

$250 helps send a youth, ages 6-10, to IROEC’s Summer Discovery Science Day camp!

$350 helps send a youth, ages 11-14, to IROEC’s overnight summer camp for a week!

$390 helps send a youth to SSRLV’s residential summer camp for a week!

$___ Other amount you would like to contribute to send a kid to camp

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Lost Valley Summer Camp_4.15.14

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