Friends of Scouting Campaign (FOS)

Why should our youth be volunteers, good citizens and good students?

The answers to those questions are the same as the question of why you should support Scouting.

Growing up has never been easy. Each generation faces its own concerns and pressures. For the past 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has provided young people with experiences that prepare them to meet challenges and conquer them.

Character, self-reliance, responsibility and leadership – Scouting provides activities that are in sync with the interests of today’s youth, but instill these timeless values. Annually, for more than 40,000 Orange County participants with diverse backgrounds, Scouting is the guiding light that leads to a responsible and rewarding adulthood.

Friends of Scouting is the annual fundraising campaign to raise the operating funds necessary to provide a quality Scouting program in Orange County. This campaign is divided into two separate efforts: The Family Friends of Scouting, which solicits contributions from the Scouting families and the Community Friends of Scouting or Golden Eagle Campaign, which seeks contributions from business and community leaders as well as Council Board members.

Every year there is a need for financial support to existing programs, developing programs and to ensure Council camps remain.

This is the essence of the Family Friends of Scouting campaign, is raising money to help the Orange County Council defray the actual cost of delivering and running the Scouting program. Special events and fundraisers pay only a portion of the cost. Give Scouts and volunteer Scouters your support by helping the Scouting program with your pledge.

Only through your support can we keep the Scouting light burning brightly into the future. Why should you support Scouting? Because your gift to the Friends of Scouting campaign really does keep the light burning. Help us guide the youth of this generation as they grow to become the leaders of the next.

If you have any questions regarding Friends of Scouting, please contact Devon Dougherty at 714-546-8558 ext. 145 or e-mail: