Letter to Boeing Employees

Boeing Employee Matching Gift Program 

Dear colleagues and fellow Scouters:

Did you know your volunteer hours can be turned into a cash gift to the Orange County Boy Scouts of America through Boeing’s Employee Matching Gift program?

This means any Scouting based volunteering in Orange County, of just 25 hours per year, will allow you to ask Boeing to donate $250 to the Orange County Council, up to an annual maximum of 600 hours / $6000 per employee.  Boeing will send the Gift each quarter.

With three easy steps you can multiply your volunteer efforts and help make a direct and lasting contribution to the development of the youth in this county.

  1. Log into Boeing’s Total Access Website, click on My Community Giving, click on Gift Match, click on Record Volunteer Hours
  2. Select “Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America, Santa Ana, California”
  3. Enter your volunteer hours (min 25-max 600) with a description of the effort, select “Request Gift Match”.  In the Designation line, please enter your “District name” and “FOS” (Friends of Scouting).  By agreement with Boeing these donations cannot be credited to an individual unit or project.

More than 25,000 Scouts are counting on the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America to deliver challenging activities and educational programs that develop strong leadership skills, ethical decision making and taking personal responsibility.

Because of you, our strong Scouting traditions in Orange County have contributed to the success of your community for more than 100 years. I hope you will invest in the future of these youth by following these easy steps.

If you need any assistance or answers to any questions, please email us.  We are glad to help.

Thank you for your support!


Chuck Williams Hunter Padar
Chairman – Council Venturing Committee Committee Member
Orange County Council, BSA Troop 733
Boeing Employee Boeing Employee
chaz3rd6@netscape.net hpadar@roadrunner.com

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