Commissioner’s Newsletter June 2014

Commissioner’s Newsletter June 2014

Dear Commissioners,

As summer is just around the corner, many packs and troops will be slowing down, so it’s an important time of year for commissioners to make sure units are in “good health”, so they’ll have a strong start-up in the fall.



Announcing the Family Talent Questionnaire—And Asking Commissioners for Help:

How often do unit leaders say, “I need more help!”?  Wouldn’t it be nice for them to know where the hidden talent is in their packs and  troops?  The people who have not told them about a past background in Scouting?  Those who would be willing to volunteer if only they were asked?



Our council wants to help units find that hidden talent in their groups by offering a simple, online “family talent questionnaire” that asks parents of registered Scouts about their background in Scouting, their interest in volunteering, and about unique professional resources they have that might help you to give the unit’s Scouts the best experience possible.

To do this, we have created an online “family talent questionnaire” that we’ll be asking all unit leaders to distribute this month by email to all parents.  We will then forward results to unit leaders, and they can go to work recruiting a committee based on the results we receive.

How can commissioners help?  By letting unit leaders know about this new tool and reinforcing the importance of sending it out to all parents and reminding those parents at every opportunity to respond.


What Should a Unit Commissioner Be Discussing with Unit Leaders in the Month of June?

  • For all units

o   Is a program planning meeting scheduled for this spring to plan out the Scouting year ahead?  Assigning responsibilities to volunteers for various events is essential to avoid last-minute planning.  Reminding those volunteers in advance of their responsibilities will help avoid disappointment.

o   Recommend a sit-down with the Unit Key 3 (Unit Leader, Committee Chair, and Scouting Coordinator–formerly called Chartered Org Representative)) to discuss the unit’s progress toward Journey To Excellence goals.

o   Have parents of new boys been recruited to committee or leadership positions?

  • For Cub Packs

o   Do new Tiger Cub dens have a leader?

o   Have new Cubs earned their Bobcat yet? If not, do leaders have a plan to complete this?

o   Will all boys be attending Cub Day Camp?  It may not be too late to sign up!

  • For Boy Scout Troops

o   Have new Scouts (who just bridged) earned their Scout rank?  On their way to Tenderfoot?

o   Is the troop actively promoting summer camp attendance for those not yet signed up?


Upcoming Commissioner Events:

September 20th, 2014, Area Commissioner’s Conference, LDS Stake center in Burbank, CA.  Contact Deputy Council Commissioner Joe Koch at to arrange a carpool and if you are interested in teaching at this event.

March 14th, 2015, Regional Commissioner’s College for four councils (Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Verdugo Hills, and San Gabriel Valley) in the San Gabriel Valley.  More information to follow in a future newsletter.

At your service,

John A. Hovanesian, MD

Commissioner, Orange County Council