Cub Scout Leader Specific Training


Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader


WHAT MAKES A LEADER A TRAINED LEADER?Cub Scout leaders are considered trained and entitled to wear the trained” leader emblem when they have completed Fast Start Training for their position, Youth Protection training, This is Scouting and Cub Scout Leader Specific training for their position.
1.  Fast Start Training
Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training offers a quick position description with basic tips to manage until basic training is available. This training is available online, or via CD-ROM.  For a fast start training CD visit your closest council service center.  To take the online version of Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training click here.
2.  Youth Protection Training:
This training increases awareness in youth protection issues, reviews all of the BSA youth protection policies and is required for all registered Scout leaders.  Youth Protection training is available online or in person. Time to complete the online course varies but can usually be completed in 45 minutes or less. To complete Youth Protection Training Online – click here. 
Note:  In order to complete Youth Protection training online you will need to enter your council number and your member ID number.  The council phone number is 714-546-4990.  Your member ID number can be found on your membership card or you can obtain your number by calling the Council Service Center at 714-546-4990.
3. This is Scouting:
This Is Scouting is a new online training session that replaces New Leader Essentials. It picks up where Fast Start leaves off with six modules of training: The Mission of Scouting, Programs for All ages, Scouting Is Fun, Scouting in the Community, Keeping Our Youth Safe, and Scouting’s Legacy. The training takes about an hour to complete.  To complete This is Scouting online click here.
4. Cub Scout Leader Specific Training:Cub Scout Leader Specific Training is designed to give Cub Scout leaders the knowledge they will need to run an excellent Cub Scout program.New! This course can be taken online at or in person. 
In person, this course last approximately 3 hours and addresses the following topics:

  •  Pack Organization
  •  Cub Scout Advancement
  •   Uniform
  •   Program Planning
  •   Webelos to Scout Transition
  •   And more