Parents of Scouts….

Leaders come in different sizs and positions. But one of the most important leaders is the Parent – both on and off the Scouting Trail.

There are many ways you can support your Scout. Your understanding of the Aims and Methods of Scouting and of the roles of the Unit Leaders will be very helpful, whether or not you become actively involved in the unit (Pack, Troop, Team, Crew or Ship).  All registered adult volunteers are “Scouters“.

As a parent, you can join the Unit Committee to help provide important assistance to the Unit Leaders, who also are parents.  A well organized and functioning committee allows the Unit Leaders to spend more time working directly with the Scouts. There are many committee positions, including advancement records, equipment maintenance, fund raising, transportation, training support and others. Parents who become involved help make the entire unit more effective. You may decide to take a more active leadership role in the unit itself, as do many parents. Units frequently have several assistant leaders who support the leader in specific areas.

Whether you want to become involved in your Scout’s unit or just want to be an informed parent, Fast Start training will be helpful. This short training session will give you a basic understanding of the program. Ask your committee chairperson or unit leader to provide this training for you and for other new parents. It also is available online at Fast Start. There is a Fast Start course for each level of Scouting.

After taking Fast Start, you may take This Is Scouting, which is the first course in Basic Adult Leader Training. It will provide you with a complete overview of the Scouting experience.  Unit Leaders are expected to take all Basic Adult Leader Training courses for their position, but the courses are open to all Scouters and parents.  This course is available online at This Is Scouting.

Youth Protection Training is a short, but important, course. Adult leaders and parents who work directly with youth are expected to take Youth Protection Training. Venturing leaders are required to take Venturing Youth Protection Training, which is included in Venturing Leader Specific. Both of these courses are offered online.

Supplemental and Advanced training are available and highly recommended for all interested parents. To view these courses, go to the leadership training page for your Scout’s level.



Fast Start

A short orientation for each Scouting level that is offered in the Pack, Troop, Team or Crew, Ship and on the Council’s website.

This is Scouting An overview of Scouting and its leadership from Tigers to Venturing. 
Required before taking any other leadership training.  Helpful toward understanding how Scouting works.
(except Venturing)
Youth Protection Training
Conducted frequently and at the Scouting Leadership Conference in
November. A must for every adult leader.  Use online version for
periodic renewal training only.
Venturing Youth Protection

Included in Venturing Leader Specific training.