Varsity Leader Specific Training

Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader

Thank you for serving the Scouts in your Varsity Team.  As an adult leader you will play a vital role in guiding tomorrow’s leaders.  The Orange Council is committed to providing our Scouts with trained adult leaders.  All registered Varsity Scout leaders are required to complete Varsity Scout Leader Basic Training for their position.  The required training courses vary depending upon your position as outlined below.

Varsity Team Coaches &
Assistant Coaches

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Varsity Scout Leader Basic Training
Varsity Scout Leader Basic Training consists of five training courses.  Coaches and Assistant Coaches must complete all four courses to be considered trained.  The courses need not be completed in order.  The four courses required for Coaches and Assistant Coaches are:
1.  Fast Start Training
Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start Training offers a quick position description with basic tips to manage until basic training is available. This training is available via CD-ROM. For a fast start training CD visit your closest council service center.
2.  Youth Protection Training:
This training increases awareness in youth protection issues, reviews all of the BSA youth protection policies and is required for all registered Scout leaders.  Youth Protection training is available online or in person. Time to complete the online course varies but can usually be completed in 45 minutes or less. To complete Youth Protection Training Online click here. 
Note:  In order to complete Youth Protection training online you will need to enter your council number and your member ID number.  The council phone number is 714-546-4990.  Your member ID number can be found on your membership card or you can obtain your number by calling the Council Service Center at 714-546-4990.
3. This is Scouting:
This Is Scouting is a new online training session that replaces New Leader Essentials. It picks up where Fast Start leaves off with six modules of training: The Mission of Scouting, Programs for All ages, Scouting Is Fun, Scouting in the Community, Keeping Our Youth Safe, and Scouting’s Legacy. The training takes about an hour to complete.  To complete This is Scouting online click here. 
5. Outdoor Leader Skills:
This is an overnight training course focused on improving leaders’ outdoor skills, as well as being fun and helpful in building morale.  During Outdoor Leader Skills Scout Leaders will review all of the outdoor skills that the BSA expects have been mastered by a First Class Scout.  For coaches and assistants new to outdoor adventures, this will be a terrific opportunity to develop sufficient skills to help your Scouts in the outdoor program.  Those experienced in various aspects of camping, hiking, and other outdoor skills can use this training to refine their knowledge, to learn how to teach their skills to Scouts, and to share what they know with other course participants.