An Important Message for Scout Families and Leaders

Dear Scout Families and Unit Leaders,

This is an exciting time for Scouting!

We know that the real energy and excitement comes from youth in our programs, their families and communities and volunteers like you, that bring Scouting to life. And for that, we thank you.

While we know about the positive reality surrounding Scouting, both nationally and locally, we also know that we are facing some headwinds as an organization.

We are expecting a series of bad media stories – some of which will not be factual – and we want you to be prepared to understand what is happening and why.

There have been cases of child abuse in the past, which reflect the huge problems we see in the rest of the country. In the USA, there are approximately 3.6 million child abuse incidents reported every year. The BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT) came into existence as an integral part of the Scouting program in the 1980s in response to that problem. The BSA has been and will forever be committed to protecting children involved in this program. YPT works! It is not a perfect defense, and we always seek to improve, but YPT works. As you know, the BSA has assumed liability, supports victims, provides the mechanisms to protect children in Scouting, and provides background checks and screens volunteers.

You may have heard news stories and media coverage discussing Boy Scouts of America’s national reorganization plan in light of the costs of defending sexual abuse lawsuits that occurred decades ago. As statute of limitation laws change in each State, local attorneys have begun advertising to seek compensation for abuse victims.

Please watch and share this video concerning facts that may not have been shared by the media or commentators to see how Orange County Council sees this issue locally.