Districts Realign to Better Serve Units

Our volunteer Board of Directors has approved combining some of our districts together to better meet the needs of units with volunteer resources and robust district operations. Please see the note below for more details.

The Orange County Council is organized into geographic districts led by a volunteer Chairman and Commissioner, who work hard to ensure that our members receive a quality Scouting experience in their units. Over time, Scouting has shrunk in some districts and grown in others. In recent years, many districts have struggled to find enough volunteers for district committees. Next year, the January exit of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a charter partner will cause the number of units in some our districts to significantly shrink in size and make it even more difficult to recruit and fill volunteers for district committees.

Consequently, effective January 1, 2020, the Orange County Council Board of Directors has directed the realignment of four districts. Specifically, Orange Frontier and El Capitan districts will become one district, and Los Amigos and Portola districts will become one district.

The standalone Venturing District has been eliminated, and venture crews will rejoin packs and troops in their respective geographic districts. The Venturing District Executive, Scott Murphy, will join the membership team in North County and also maintain a Council-wide staff assignment to support Venturing.

Current district leaders and staff are working to ensure a smooth transition through the mergers with the selection of new district leaders and new district names, to be announced at the Council Annual Business Meeting on January 25, 2020.

District Roundtable locations will be announced in a future Scoutweek posting.

The goal of this realignment is to better serve our members and units with full district leadership. If you have questions regarding the alignment, please contact your commissioner or a member of the district executive team.