Learn How to Teach with National Youth Leadership Training

Many tasks in your unit involve teaching others. Having excellent teachers makes learning easier and activities more fun!

How do youth learn the EDGE method of teaching – Explaining, Demonstrating, Guiding and Enabling – to make sure the person learning knows how to use the skill effectively? It’s not fun to just listen to someone talk about it or see someone else do it. When you use the EDGE method, Scouts really learn how to Do the skill!

Your solution: National Youth Leadership Training.

NYLT is a 6 day course compressing a model 5 week unit cycle of leadership council, unit meetings, and utilizing communications, goal setting, teaching and leadership skills. The presented skills are reinforced with patrol and troop level fun and challenging activities. Your youth grow from being just followers being your “go-to” Be-Know-Do leaders.

The OCBSA 2020 NYLT course:

Monday, July 27th to Saturday, August 1st
Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley
Cost: $275

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For information and applications please contact OCC NYLT at
Course Director Arnold Kim, nylt2020ocbsa@gmail.com, 949-413-3547
Staff Advisor: Anthony Geukens, anthonyg@ocbsa.org, 714-906-0927