It’s a small popcorn selling world

Sometimes, it’s a small popcorn selling world.

Last year was my son’s, Murphy, first year selling as a Tiger Cub for Pack 700 and like most first-year scouts, he took on the daunting task of selling to strangers outside our local grocery store. He had a full day of experiencing success and failure before my wife arrived at the end of the shift to help us pack up and depart.

About then, a really kind-hearted woman arrived and was very complimentary about Murphy’s salesmanship. She was a mom and understood how much courage it takes for a trepidatious six-year old to approach strangers confidently and, in the scouting spirit, offer them popcorn. As my wife arrived, she snapped a picture of Murphy selling to this kind woman (with her permission).

This year, Murphy’s first shift selling at the same location (and as a Wolf Cub) was better. He was driven, engaged with every person approaching those doors, and exceptionally courteous. My wife arrived at the end to help us pack up and caught a quick picture of Murphy selling to his final customer of the day. We were tired, but appreciated how kind that final customer was and she graciously agreed to let us take a picture of our “sale in action.”

When I came home and looked at pictures, I realized it was the very same woman. She clearly supports the scouts and wanted to see that little guys like mine feel accomplished in this new experience.