Program Fee

New Program Fee for 2020

Thank you for making Scouting part of your family. The Orange County Council works hard to ensure we deliver a quality experience for all our members. Delivering unparalleled quality programs to young people requires a great deal of resources. As a member of Scouting, you receive from the Orange County Council tools, resources, personnel, and support services needed to have a program filled with adventure, learning, and leadership development. To continue the tradition of Scouting in Orange County, the volunteer Board of Directors has adopted a $60 program fee for 2020 beginning January 1. This change is necessary to ensure Scouting programs are delivered in a safe environment and families understand their responsibilities as members in the Orange County Council.

How to collect Program Fees

Option A – Units are welcome to collect both recharter and program fees from members and submit payment to the council office. It is the decision of the unit committee to use this option. Some units may wish to use their popcorn proceeds or unit treasury to help ease the burden on families.

Option B – Families will pay program fees using the online payment system. Units will collect recharter fees and submit recharter payment as normal. The charter will not be processed until all families have initiated the program fee payment using the online system. Council staff will monitor online payments and process the charter when 100% of the families have entered their payment, or staff may seek permission from the unit to drop families from the roster to continue the charter process. Dropped families may be reinstated upon paying the program fee.

Families will be given the opportunity to pay in full or spread payments out over a specified number of months. To start the process, families will choose the link that reflects the number of youth they have in Scouting.

Families with Scouts in multiple units area able to pay the fees for their Scouts on the Two Youth in Scouting and Three Youth In Scouting – at the same time. For example one child in a Pack and one in a Troop etc.

One Youth in a







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