Internet Rechartering

2022 Official Recharter Instruction!

The unit charter renewal process is essential to the continued growth of the Boy Scouts of America. Internet Rechartering is an Internet-based application that is indirectly connected to the Council’s ScoutNet membership data and provides the ability for unit leaders to complete the paperwork portion of rechartering from their home (office, etc) over the Internet. Units will love this proven method; it’s easy, convenient, and accurate because you enter the information yourself!

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Recharter date and time to be announced next month

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Journey to Excellence

The 2021 Unit JTE Tracking Workbooks have been updated with the save date of 2021-09-07 in the file name supersede all earlier versions. They can be found at the link below: 

Tracking Workbooks 

Internet rechartering training will coincide with your District’s training schedule

The Internet Recharter Webinar 

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