Commissioner Blog #4

Commissioner Blog #4


John Hovanesian, M.D.



As we transition our scouting year into summer mode, it’s appropriate to look back and see what we’ve accomplished. For many of us who volunteer in Scouting, great life memories are built each year on experiences working with young people.

And if you wonder what impact we have on those kids we serve, take a look at the letter below, received from Scout Kevin Young of troop 1870. Kevin’s letter says it all. (Link to letter)


Dear Boy Scouts of America,

I would like to thank you for everything you have taught me, and are still teaching me now.
As a senior patrol leader, I have learned and am understanding more about being a leader.  My favorite part about scouting is when we go on campouts or hiking trips, or when we are learning about lessons in life.  I decided to raise funds and donate them to you as a thank you for everything you are doing.  I had a bake sale and did chores around the house to raise the money.  I know $5…0 is not that much, but I wanted to show you that, I appreciate you.

Kevin Young
Il-years OId
Troop 1870
First Class Scout