Commissioner’s Blog 12


John Hovanesian, M.D.
Orange County Council Commissioner

“Three Reasons that Attending Scout Leader Roundtable Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution”

Dr. John Hovanesian

January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!  If you’re like me, most of your new year’s resolutions get dropped by the time Lent begins, but here’s one resolution you’re likely to keep once you get started: attending Scout leader roundtable every month.   What is roundtable?  It’s a monthly, one-hour get-together in your local community where parents and scout leaders help each other plan a great Scouting experience for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  Roundtable is organized at Scouting’s district level (one or two cities usually make up a district), so it’s easy to get to, and the content is locally relevant.


Roundtable offers a lot to leaders and parents of Scouts:

  1. 1.    New, improved format.  Across our council, districts are adopting a more streamlined format for roundtables to be more exciting, inspiring, and helpful in carrying out a Scout leader’s job.  You’re’ going to see more active participation by everybody, and a whole lot more fun. That’s what a Scout meeting should be all about.
  2. 2.    Get energized.  There’s nothing to get you excited about being in Scouting more than meeting other great folks who spend their Tuesday nights like you do!  You’ll learn ideas from the best of the best and share your own great experience with others.
  3. 3.    Make great friends.  Just as your son will gain some of his life’s closest friendships through Scouting, so will you, as you meet with other parents and leaders who share your values and love for our program.

To learn about the location, day, and time of your local Roundtable contact