Youth Training

Youth Training

By joining Scouting, boys and girls will be prepared for life and for a lifetime. Part of that preparation involves training that educates and develops leaders while having fun. Take a look at the Youth Training available from the BSA and your local Council.

National Youth Leader Training (NYLT)

NYLT is a must for new Senior Patrol Leaders and Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders or any older Scout in your troop that shows the potential for such a position to learn about leadership and the running of a Scout troop by the patrol method. Held at Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley in the summer and a course between Christmas and New Year’s Day, this course is run by Scouts with adult guidance, just like a Scout troop would be run in their home troops.

Click here for details on upcoming OCBSA NYLT courses.

Troop Junior Leader Training

This one-day workshop is conducted by the Scoutmaster for his junior leaders is called Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST). Offered at the unit level.

Den Chief Training

The Den Chief who completes this program will be better able to function in the position. This training provides the Den Chief with ideas for carrying out the responsibilities successfully. Offered at the Pack, Troop, District and Council level.

Venturing Leadership Skills Course

This course has been designed to be run by the crew Advisor and officers to teach leadership skills to the entire crew. Completion of this course is a requirement for a youth earning the Silver Award.

Venturing Crew Orientation Course

Venturing is a program where high-school age boys and girls take a lead role in organizing and running their own high adventure activities. This multimedia program, covers specific leadership skills in program planning, money-earning, and running effective committees. This presentation should be a first step in training effective crew leadership. Venturing Crew Orientation Online – click here

Sea Scouts – Crew Officers’ Seminar

This training experience is conducted by the crew Advisor or ship Skipper to orient newly elected youth officers, plan programs, and develop the annual crew activity schedule. Offered at the unit level.

National Leadership Seminar (Order of the Arrow)

The National Leadership Seminar is a weekend conference focusing primarily on the skills and attributes of leadership. It is intended primarily to enhance the leadership skills of the Order of the Arrow’s key youth and adult members as they seek to improve their service to the Boy Scouts of America and the greater community. Youth participants must be at least 15 years of age or a lodge officer. Offered at the Region level.

National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

The new National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is an exciting new program where young men enhance their leadership skills in the Philmont Backcountry. Scouts will expand upon the team building and ethical decision making skills learned in National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT). NAYLE uses elements of the Philmont Ranger Training as well as advanced Search and Rescue skills to teach leadership, teamwork and the lessons of selfless service. NAYLE will offer Scouts an unforgettable back country wilderness experience where they live leadership and teamwork, using the core elements of NYLT to make their leadership skills intuitive. This training is offered at the National BSA High Adventure Bases, click here for details.

Varsity Youth Training – Introduction To Leadership

Initial briefing of newly elected team youth leaders, conducted by the Coach.

Varsity Youth Training – Team Leaders Seminar

A weekend experience conducted by the Coach and Captain as basic training for their own youth leaders.